So there you have it!  All of the information I need in one big document!  This helps me know exactly what to expect and puts me and my couple on the same page.

The information comes back as an excel document and I print it out so I have a hard copy with me, both at the meeting and on the WEDDING DAY as well.

Do not hesitate to call me if you have any comments or questions.

See you very soon!!!


Basic information
Bride & Groom Names *
Bride & Groom Names
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Before the Ceremony
Is the Groom getting ready at the same location?
Pre-ceremony Pictures – please check all that apply!
Post-ceremony Pictures – anything that we won’t be able to shoot before the ceremony.
Are there any places you’d like portraits taken besides the ceremony and/or reception site? If so please include the locations and which images you’d like to have taken there.
Please indicate the travel time between all of your sites for the wedding day.
The Ceremony
Estimated Ceremony Length
Family Pictures
Please select which groupings you would like for your family pictures:
For example: divorces, deaths, or separations. Please include how you would like your family pictures taken in light of these special situations.
Are you willing to have family pictures taken outside, even if your ceremony is indoors?
are there any groupings of extended family or friends you would like shot during the reception? If so, be sure that your DJ or MC is aware of this so we can coordinate the best time to get these shots!
The Reception
(i.e. a choreographed dance number, surprises, etc.)
If so, what is your sendoff:
Other Information
I don’t shoot from a shot list, simply because I would have my face buried in a list trying to check everything off instead of capturing every moment of your day! Don’t worry, I’ll cover all of the major things you want photographed, but is there anything out of the ordinary I should know about? (i.e. are you wearing your grandmother’s garter? Are there any gifts being exchanged?)
Your Vendors